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Our History
Bringing Passion and Four Decades of Experience to Your Custom Garments

Over the last decade, Same Day Tees has created over 15 million custom garments. Along the way, we also created something we think is just as important – trusting relationships with our wonderful customers, big and small.

While we’re a large-scale provider that’s capable of creating massive orders for the likes of Microsoft, we have a small, community business mindset that means a little league coach’s order is treated with the same attention and urgency as that of a Fortune 500 company.

We understand that personalized products are incredibly important. You need to know that your order will arrive on time looking perfect. That’s why we keep everything in-house. As soon as an order comes in, it’s reviewed by a real human before it’s sent off for printing in our own, 10,000-square-foot production facility. Our standards are simply too high to let anyone else have a hand in what we do.

Meet Pete
Same Day Tees Pete and Sandy Bolsoni
How a Bored High School Kid Became a Custom Garment Success Story

How exactly does a person become a custom garment expert? Well, for Same Day Tees owner Pete Bolsoni, it can be traced back to good old high school boredom.

When he was just 17, one of his teachers must have intuited that Pete needed something to grab his interest. One day, he asked Pete if he might like to learn screen printing. Neither of them knew that this would be the start of Pete’s lifelong passion and future career.

Pete loved this creative process so much that he decided to enroll at an advanced screen printing course at a community college across the country. This one-week intensive class set Pete on the course to start a small t-shirt printing business right out of high school.

Almost 40 years later, Pete still loves traditional screen-printing just as much. Only now he gets to do it with an expert team in a huge facility full of the most cutting-edge printing machines in the world. We can only imagine that the scrappy teenaged entrepreneur he once was would be exceedingly proud of the business and community Pete has built with Same Day Tees.

Our Future Forward Facility
10,000 Square Feet of Custom Garment Production Magic in Frankfort, Illinois

Same Day Tees is located in Frankfort, Illinois, just south of Chicago. Every single step of our ordering, customer service, designing, printing and packing processes is executed right here by our amazing team. That means nothing happens to your order that we don’t know about.

We have multiple direct-to-garment printers, four screen printers and three multi-head embroidery machines. Having these advanced machines right at our fingertips allows us to handle large orders with astounding speed and accuracy. It also allows us to positively guarantee the same-day shipping speeds that we’re known for.

We’re the only true, same-day custom garment business out there. So, it’s critical that we have a large space with the very best printing machines in the world. We’re so proud of our setup, that we invite you to come visit us anytime for a VIP tour and an up-close look at your garment customization options.

Offering The Same Expert Craftsmanship & Speed to Customers Big and Small

Here at Same Day Tees, we believe that everyone deserves high-quality custom garments right when they need them. So, we’re proud to offer our advanced printing services and lightning-fast turnaround times to customers big and small. Whether you need 10,000 branded t-shirts for a corporate event happening in a week or half a dozen special tees for the ones you love we’ve got your back.

Uniforms, promotions, special events, sports teams, charity walks, schools, family reunions, mom & pop businesses, international corporations –we love making beautiful custom garments for them all. And unlike many other online custom t-shirt companies, we have real expert printers assessing your design and printing preferences to ensure that your vision turns out exactly the way you want.

Same Day Tees Crew
The Same Day Tees Crew: A Team of Pros Obsessed with Custom Garments

Same Day Tees was founded by company president, Pete Bolsoni over 10 years ago. With nearly 40 years of printing experience, Pete brings a lifelong passion and expertise to the work that he truly loves. But Pete could never do it alone.

He relies on a stellar team of pros to ensure that Same Day Tees maintains its industry-leading standard for top-notch quality and unparalleled speed. Each member of our amazing crew is obsessed with providing perfect custom garments and an exceptional customer experience.

The only reason you might see one of us looking at the clock at the end of the day is to make sure we’re ready for the last UPS pickup. We’re all here because we love what we do, and that makes a big difference in how we do business. Let us show you what we mean by entrusting your next custom garment project to Same Day Tees.