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The tried and true classic

Screen printing is our “bread and butter”. It is the most economical form of printing we have. But our screen printing is also extremely detailed. We combine quick service with high quality. Here at Same Day Tees, we relish the difficult jobs.

The Screen Printing Process

  • Review the art
    We review the art to make sure it is well suited to screen printing. If not, we will make expert recommendations on how to change or enhance the artwork for printing.
  • Color separation and film output
    A piece of film is made for each color in the design. Once the colors are separated, a film positive is created for each.
  • Screen exposure
    During this process, we create a stencil of the image to be used.
  • Screen prep
    We stabilize the screen and secure the edges to prevent any errors with the ink during printing.
  • Ink mixing
    We mix up the colors and station them for printing.
  • Set up
    We take everything into account and set up the machines, ink and garment for the printing process.