Some of the old ways are still the best ways.


Why Use Heat Transfer Shirt Printing?

Once in while, a project comes along that reminds us of Goldilocks and the Three Bears – it’s too complicated for embroidery and too unusually shaped for screen printing, but it’s just right for heat transfer printing. While transfer printing may not be as popular as it once was, there’s still a special place for it here at Same Day Tees.

In fact, we’re proud to offer a wide range of printing options that include the old standby ways as well as the newest, most cutting-edge methods. We’ve been in the custom heat transfer printing industry long enough to know that some of the old methods are still the best. And that couldn’t be truer than with heat transfers.

Cream colored tote with text saying - "Adventure" - and some mounains printed on it

Heat Transfer Printing Works Great On Apparel

This is an ideal method for items like bags, jackets and sweatshirts, which don’t need to be as breathable as a t-shirt. An intricate design will still come across accurately and beautifully in a way that works well for your chosen garment. When it comes to choosing the right printing method for your project, we’ll always guide you and provide our expert opinion. Other custom heat transfer printing companies, for example, may agree to embroider your complex artwork onto an unusually shaped golf bag.


We will never create or send you anything that we’re not 100% proud of. So, if that means asking you to consider a different printing method, so be it. Our only goal is to do beautiful work that you’ll love, and we’ll use every tool available to us to make that happen. Need some pointers on how to get your custom heat transfer printing ideas off the ground? Get in touch with our on-site printing experts and we’ll collaborate with you to get it right.

If you have a project you can fill out our Quote Request Form to start a conversation.

If you have a project you can fill out our Quote Request Form to start a conversation.

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