Class of 2022 Shirts
The class of 2022 has had an academic career like no other. A normal freshman year followed by two years of mayhem before being deposited, bedraggled and bemused, at a fairly (but not entirely) normal senior year. Embrace the chaos with custom screen printed Class of 2022 shirts. Our shirts help you rule the school in style. Get your pod together and celebrate with some funky custom t-shirts.

Class of 2022 Shirt Ideas

You haven’t seen your classmates in person since March 2020. This school year is a second chance at a first impression. Have fun with your friends and create a look that proudly promotes your bond, strengthened by late night Zoom calls and Netflix parties.
Take advantage of our predesigned templates or come up with your own unique design. Suitable for pep rallies, day-to-day life, or themed parties, our class of 2022 shirts are customizable for many occasions. A few t-shirt ideas include:
  • Sweatpants Connoisseur(s)
  • “It’s just that masks are terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.” – The Princess Bride
  • The Mask is Off: Behold My Secret identity
  • I survived a global pandemic and all I got was this t-shirt
  • Vaxxed and Relaxed
  • I sat on the couch and saved lives. You’re welcome.

Back to School Shirt Ideas

Of course, not everybody is part of the class of 2022. Even if you aren’t graduating, there are still custom back to school shirts for you. Embrace your creativity and celebrate the most normal school year we’ve had in a while. Some non-graduation ideas specifically for you:
  • Can we have prom yet?
  • Help I’m a junior and I have no idea where anything is.
Sick of talking about the pandemic? You can create custom back to school shirts for your band, extracurriculars, school spirit, or particular classes. After the past two years, everyday life is worth celebrating.

Teacher Custom Shirts

Our educators have had a rough year and a half. Celebrate your return to the halls with custom school spirit t-shirts. Make a shirt with your school’s mascot for you and your fellow teachers, or feature your Zoom URL, triumphantly crossed out. However you choose to start off the school year, do it with style and humor. Besides, it’s been so long since anyone’s been able to see your full outfit. Go big!

Order Your Class of 2022 Shirts Today

At Same Day Tees, we’re devoted to creating a look that you want. Bring your vision to life with our custom design tool, or one of our predesigned templates that you can customize. Our team can recommend the best printing technique for your design, and craft beautiful custom class of 2022 shirts using screen printing, embroidery, direct-to-garment, digital squeegee techniques and transfers. Whether you’re designing a shirt for you or a garment for your whole group, our professional team has your back. Design Your Own Shirt Today.