Three women wearing white 4th of July themed shirts with fireworks in the background

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, now is the perfect time to plan something fun that will bring the whole family together. And what better way to showcase your love for both your country and family than by surprising everyone with Fourth of July shirts. Here’s a handful of ideas to help get your creative juices going and build excitement for this patriotic event.

1. Fourth of July Family Shirts

Family Fourth of July

Your family members might not always be on the same page but one way to bring your loved ones together is with matching shirts. Spend a day wearing a Fourth of July tee shirt and picnicking or wrapping up the festivities by watching fireworks at night or throw some yummy food on the grill and enjoy a couple of beers with great company.

Whatever you do, wearing the same custom Fourth of July t shirt as everyone in your group will spark a lot of laughs, affectionate teasing, and a great deal of bonding. And if you plan on enjoying the fireworks show along with a large crowd, matching family Fourth of July tee shirts will ensure you can easily spot your loved ones no matter where they are. Little ones will be especially happy to see the people they love enjoying this special day in similar outfits.

2. Patriotic Fourth of July Shirts Tee Shirts


If you’re a veteran, custom fourth of July shirts are the easiest way to show you’ve served your country. Put your own spin on it by choosing design and artwork that speak to your heart.

You can be as creative as you want, adding quotes that move you, photos of you and your fellow service members, as well as unique decorative elements.  The best part is that you’ll get to wear it again at your veteran’s event or whenever you feel bursting with pride for your nation. You already earned everyone’s respect and this tee is only a reminder of your greatness.

3. Style Up for Girls Night Out on Fourth of July

Girls Fourth

Being out and about with your friends on this special day can become a lot more exciting if everyone wears matching shirts. Stick to the main theme, but play around with the design, so each piece of clothing matches your friends’ unique personalities.


Here a couple of ways to switch it up:


  • Choose different base colors (red, white, and blue) on which to build your design.
  • Use funny graphics for some people and text for others.
  • Have a couple of simple Fourth of July tee shirts with the colors of the flag, for those friends who prefer a more minimalist look.


Creativity is the only requirement to create t-shirts that show your gang how well you know and care about them. You might just start a new tradition.

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