October 13, 2020

Like so many things this year, most in-person Breast Cancer Awareness Month events will be made virtual. It’s important to bring awareness to this terrible disease, but it’s also crucial to keep people safe from COVID-19.

Just because large gatherings won’t be happening doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to support the cause.  Read on for some ideas.

1.  Race or Walk Where You Are

This year, the Susan G. Komen Foundation is encouraging people to still sign up for the annual 5K, but to do it wherever you are instead of all together. You can register as an individual or group. There will be a virtual opening ceremony that will recognize survivors and top fundraisers before people walk in their area.

You can fundraise online or just walk to participate and bring awareness. And if you do walk, we highly encourage you to wear a shirt or hoodie that lets everyone know what you’re doing. Check out these 39 breast cancer awareness t-shirt ideas for inspiration.

And here are a few ideas that are unique to 2020:

  • Never underestimate a breast cancer survivor who also survived 2020
  • Breast cancer warrior 2020: The one with the pandemic
  • Breast Cancer Race Where You Are 2020
  • Hey breast cancer, stay at least 6 feet away

2.  Share Your Story

If you or someone close to you has had breast cancer, this is a great time to share your story on social media. Talking about your experience and how you got through it may give someone else hope or may inspire someone you know to get a mammogram.

It can be intimidating to share something so personal. Just remember that everyone you know has been impacted by breast cancer in some way, so people will appreciate hearing your story. When in doubt, wear a pink breast cancer shirt and film a short video of yourself talking from the heart.

3.  Send a Survivor a Gift

Even if you’re not up for getting involved in an official event, you can still do something that matters. You probably know at least one breast cancer survivor. And though they might have beat the disease, they’ll always carry the experience with them.

This is a great time to reach out to celebrate their survival and courage! How about a thoughtful care package? Here are some potential items to include:

  • Custom cozy hoodie with an inspiring or funny message:
    • It came for my rack, but I fought back
    • I kicked cancer’s butt!
    • Cancer touched my boob, but I kicked its butt
    • Stronger than cancer
    • Cancer picked the wrong woman to mess with
    • Had it, beat it, survived it
  • The survivor’s favorite sweet or salty treats
  • A piece of jewelry with an inspiring message, pink stone or pink ribbon
  • “F@$% Breast Cancer” coloring book
  • Gift certificate to their favorite local restaurant
  • Anything from this list of items that benefit breast cancer.

4. Encourage or Help Someone to Get Tested

With the pandemic, mammogram rates are down as people are avoiding going out in public. While that’s generally smart these days, it’s important that women continue to get tested. If you know someone who’s due for a mammogram, maybe you can encourage them to schedule it and/or offer to drive them to their appointment.

5.  Donate

When in doubt, donate to a reputable organization that raises money for research, treatments and cures. Before donating, check out this list of breast cancer organizations to support and ones to avoid.

6.  Do a Good Deed

Think about doing something nice for local breast cancer warriors like sending gifts, treats or meals to a hospital. Be sure to get in touch with the hospital you’d like to donate to in order to find out if they have specific policies. If they’ll accept them, consider sending custom breast cancer t-shirts, hoodies, hats, blankets or cookies they can gift to patients receiving treatments.

This year, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is definitely a bit different. But there are still plenty of ways to get involved and support this important cause.

If you’d like to create meaningful, custom garments for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, design your own shirt today!

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