July 9, 2020

There’s a good chance that some of your favorite summer activities have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

It’s disappointing that things like festivals, parties and travel may be off the table for a while, but thankfully it’s summer! And there are plenty of outdoor activities that we can enjoy safely as long as the lovely weather lasts.

If you’re planning on boating, camping and golfing with a few friends, why not mark this unusual time with custom shirts for your group? Read on to get some ideas.

Please note that it’s incredibly important to follow regulations set forth by your local government and health guidelines provided by the CDC before participating in any activities with others.


Being out on the open water with a few, trusted friends is a lot safer than many other places these days. And it’s a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of summer as you soak up the sun. If you usually go with the same crew, consider getting custom shirts with one of these fun messages.

  • Boat waves, sun rays, lake days
  • I like big boats and I cannot lie
  • Boats well with others
  • Life is better on the lake/river/ocean
  • I like boating and maybe like 3 people
  • Sorry for what I said when I was docking the boat
  • Friendship is my favorite ship
  • Come sail away
  • Seas the day


You may be opting out of air travel or vacationing in crowded tourist attractions this summer. But if you need to get away, there’s always camping! The upside is that it’s naturally isolating and gets you in touch with the great outdoors. Make your next trip special with custom shirts for the whole group.

  • I do believe it’s time for another adventure
  • Keep it simple
  • Camp hair, don’t care
  • Take a hike
  • Life is better around the campfire
  • S’more fun camping
  • Happy camper
  • Peace, love & camping
  • Gone camping
  • Making memories one campsite at a time
  • Camp more, worry less


When modern, city life gets to be too much, take solace in fishing. The simple, peaceful nature of the activity is the perfect antidote to all the stress of the world. Show your fishing buddies you appreciate their company with the gift of matching, custom t-shirts.

  • Reel cool guy/gal
  • Less talk, more fishing
  • Kiss my bass
  • WTF – Where’s the fish?
  • My lucky fishing shirt
  • Happiness is a big fish
  • Fish more, work less
  • Shut up and fish
  • Fishing is life – the rest is just details


Golf courses in most areas are open, which is great news for those who love to hit the links. And the sport naturally lends itself to social distancing, so it’s a great activity for people who want to safely stay active.

  • World’s okayest golfer
  • Talk birdie to me
  • My favorite tee shirt
  • Let’s par-tee
  • May the course be with you


There are plenty of other fun outdoor activities you can do with a couple friends – maybe it’s tennis, biking or just drinking adult beverages on your porch! Whatever you do, get a shirt for it.

  • Hiking – I hike and I know things
  • Tennis – Love means nothing
  • Biking – Cycopath/Cycologist
  • Wine – I’ve got friends in Merlot places
  • Beer – Beer friends forever
  • Neighbor friends – Won’t you be my neighbor?
  • Gardening – I wet my plants
  • Running – I run so I can eat pizza

Sometimes it may feel like there’s not a lot to get excited about these days. So, it’s important to make little moments of joy for yourself and loved ones. And in our experience, getting a special, custom shirt in the mail always puts a smile on people’s faces.

Give yourself and others the gift of a thoughtful gift that celebrates your friendship and the moments of fun you create this summer. Start designing now.

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