July 9, 2020

Let’s not sugarcoat it– it’s really disappointing that we won’t be able to celebrate Pride in the usual ways this year.

The joyful parades, festivals, parties and events all over the country have all been canceled because of Coronavirus. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still find creative ways to celebrate Pride safely.

1.  Virtual Parties

When in doubt, make it a Zoom party! This go-to quarantine social activity is a solid option when looking to celebrate any special occasion. But you can make your Pride Zoom party extra special by asking all guests to rock their best rainbow gear, bring a colorful drink and share favorite memories of Pride parades past. Or check out Global Pride, an online event on June 27, as well as many local virtual parties.

2.  Decorate Your Home

Bring the Pride parade to you this June by going all out with decorating your home. You can hang a rainbow flag, make homemade signs, and do Pride-themed chalk art on the sidewalk, just to name a few ideas. It will be a fun activity and it will mean a lot to LGBTQ people who pass your home.

3.  Commemorate with T-Shirts

Do you have a group of friends, family or neighbors you normally celebrate Pride with? Even if you can’t all be together this year, you can commemorate the occasion with custom shirts that will serve as a memory of this unusual time.

Create a fun design and put in an order for everyone in your Pride group. Everyone can wear the shirt to your next Zoom happy hour. And you’ll have fun wearing it in future years when we go back to celebrating as usual.

Consider these slogans for your Pride 2020 shirts:

  • Gay at home
  • Pride inside
  • Stay inside with Pride
  • Spread love/joy, not the virus
  • Pride 2020 – The one where we were quarantined

4.  Connect via Snail Mail

This is a great opportunity to find new, meaningful ways to connect with LGBTQ friends and family members this Pride month. Instead of sending a text or social media message, consider writing postcards or letters to LGBTQ folks who mean a lot to you.

It can be a short, fun message on the back of a postcard or a longer letter to someone who’s made a difference in your life. These days, receiving handwritten, personal mail feels special. So, it’s definitely worth the time and effort.

5.  Support LGBTQ-Owned Businesses

It’s always a good idea to support LGBTQ-owned businesses. But this June, your gesture would be even more impactful. Small businesses all over the country have suffered because of legally mandated shutdowns. Even if those businesses are still closed, see if you can shop online or buy a gift certificate to use at a later date. This is a great way to put your money where your Pride is.

6.  Donate to LGBTQ Organizations

If you feel frustrated that you can’t go out and show your support in person, consider supporting LGBTQ rights in another way. Find a non-profit organization that works to advance LGBTQ interests and make a donation. Non-profits have operating costs too and many are struggling due to the current circumstances.

7.  Throw a Socially Distant Dance Party

Can’t shake the feeling that you just want to dance it up to celebrate Pride? We don’t blame you. Music and dancing are staples at any good Pride event. Bring this same energy to your block by inviting neighbors to all dance and have fun from a safe distance. You can choose a few songs that express what Pride means to you and have a few minutes of fun as you bring people together.

8.  Dress Up

Get all dressed up, even if you have nowhere to go! Why not? Take your time putting together a vibrant, colorful outfit that you would wear to a traditional Pride event. But instead of going out, take pictures or videos to share on social media.

9.  Small, Outdoor Gatherings

First and foremost, please look to the local laws and guidelines about in-person socializing. In many areas, leaders have said it’s OK to socialize in small groups outside. So, you may want to consider gathering with a few friends in a backyard or park to celebrate the spirit of Pride. Just be sure to keep the group small and take all precautions recommended by local government and the CDC.

Whether you identify as LGBTQ or as an ally, Pride is a special time of year. Part of the reason we celebrate is to connect with friends. But we also celebrate to show support for the causes that impact the lives of LGBTQ individuals. So, while you may not get to do the things you usually do this June, you can still find creative and safe ways to connect and support.

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