August 25, 2020

Is your team one of the many that are working remotely these days? If so, you know by now that it can be tough to maintain connections and boost morale without face-to-face time. No one knows how long this will last. So, the best we can do is adapt to make it work for everyone.

If you ask most leaders, the top priority is productivity. However, we should remember that productivity and morale are closely connected. Happy employees do better work.

So, how can leaders with work-from-home teams show their appreciation? Well, in our experience, gifts are always a good idea…

Funny T-Shirts

You can never go wrong with a comfy, branded t-shirt for your team. While working from home, most people dress for comfort and not style. And that is OK with most organizations. Company t-shirts offer people a way to be casual while still representing your brand.

You can opt for a simple design with the company logo. But it might be more fun to go for a design that makes people smile. Maybe you use an inside joke, a play-on-words related to your industry or just a reference to your Zoom happy hours.

Hoodies for Fall

As the seasons change, the work-from-home t-shirt will be replaced by the beloved hoodie. Since your team will probably be wearing them often anyway, why not send them a fluffy new one with your company’s logo?

If we’ve learned one thing from working in the custom garment industry for decades, it’s that people go crazy for hoodies. And they love surprise hoodie gifts even more. We can guarantee this gift will be much appreciated.

Sweatpants for All

Even when folks have to go business on the top for an important video meeting, most are still rocking sweatpants on the bottom. And why shouldn’t they when no one will see anyway?

Your team will know you really care when you lean into this and surprise them with a comfy pair of pants they can wear while working from their couch.

Themed Goodie Bags

What’s better than one thoughtful gift? Well, a bunch of thoughtful gifts in a reusable bag! Start by choosing a unisex backpack or tote and getting it customized with your company’s logo. Then choose a theme and purchase several items to put in the bag. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Self-Care Package

This is a stressful time for almost everyone, so self-care is more important than ever. A good self-care kit could include items like a scented candle, slippers or fuzzy socks, an eye mask for sleeping, a box of herbal tea and hand lotion or lip balm.

Home Office Upgrades

Make working from home a little easier by providing a kit with useful items like headphones, a branded mug, a notebook, a wireless speaker and a charging dock.

Relaxing Night at Home

Help your team relax with their family after a long work week by sending a kit with items like a soft blanket, microwave popcorn, fancy candy, a board game and a deck of cards.

People are craving connection these days, so even something like getting a surprise t-shirt in the mail can make someone’s day a bit brighter.

As with most gifts, it’s really the thought that counts. Your team will simply appreciate that you appreciate them. Verbal praise is nice, but a gift can often say more than words can.

Get in touch if we can help you create customized gifts for your team. Or if you already have an idea in mind, head over to our design studio and get gifting!

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