October 8, 2019

If breast cancer has impacted your life or the lives of your loved ones, then there’s not a day that goes by when you’re not aware of this terrible disease.

However, it’s still nice to have a special month when breast cancer awareness, research and education are at the forefront of people’s minds.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many participate in charity events, raise money with friends and family or just celebrate the life of someone they lost. And a great way to bring attention to the cause is to create custom breast cancer awareness t-shirts with a special message that’s meaningful to you.

Read on for inspiration before you design your own breast cancer awareness month merchandise.

Embrace Humor

Breast cancer awareness month t-shirt ideasBreast cancer isn’t funny, but your custom breast cancer awareness shirts can be. In fact, many opt to use a little humor in their designs. This is especially true for groups that are walking to celebrate a friend or family member’s survival.

Here are a few funny slogans and design ideas that may make you chuckle:


1. “Yes they’re fake, but the real ones tried to kill me”
2. “It came for my rack, but I fought back”
3. “Keep the lumps out of my cups” with teacup design
4. “Team Tatas”
5. “I kicked cancer’s butt”
6. “Big or small, let’s save them all”
7. “Hakuna Ma Tatas” with Lion King design
8. “I’m here for the boobs”
9. “Freshly Squeezed”
10. “On Wednesdays, we wear pink”
11. “Save the Hooters” with an owl design

Feature a Name

If you’re organizing a friend, family or work group to participate in an event for a specific person, it might be nice to use their name in your design.

Consider these ideas for using a name in your breast cancer walk t-shirt:

12. “Team Jackie” with a simple pink ribbon
13. “I wear pink for Carol”
14. “Fight for Jennifer” with boxing gloves
15. “Donna’s crew”
16. “In Liz’s family, no one fights alone”
17. “Lauren’s battle is my battle”
18. “I walk for my mom/sister/friend, Jane”
19. “Theresa is a survivor”
20. “Linda’s Warriors”

Custom breast cancer shirtsIncorporate the Pink Ribbon

You can never go wrong with creating a personalized breast cancer shirt that features the iconic pink ribbon. Of course, you can always use the standard design, but you should also consider a more stylized version that looks unique.

21. Use the ribbon in place of a letter in a word like, “Hope,” “Courage” or, “Believe”
22. Make a ribbon that’s made up of special words
23. Make the ribbon look like splattered paint
24. Make the ribbon look like puzzle pieces
25. Add wings to the ribbon
26. Create a heart out of the ribbon

Make it Interest-ing

One unique way to show your support is to combine Breast Cancer Awareness with a special interest of your group or the person you’re recognizing.

27. Football – “Tackle Breast Cancer”
28. Baseball – “Strike Out Breast Cancer”
29. Cooking – “Cooking Up A Cure”
30. Gardening – “Garden of Hope”
31. Hunting – “Save a Rack” with antlers
32. Golf – “Teed Off With Breast Cancer”
33. Music – “Check One, Check Two”

Custom breast cancer walk shirtsEncourage Detection

One of the most powerful messages you can put on your shirt is that detection matters.  You never know who will see your shirt and be reminded to get checked.

34. “Awareness is Power”
35. “Early Detection Saves Lives”
36. “The Best Protection Is Early Detection”
37. “Detect & Protect”
38.  “Mammograms Save Lives”
39. “Check yourself on the front, pat yourself on the back”

When in doubt, keep things simple. What’s most important is that you’re showing your solidarity for the cause and all those whose lives have been impacted. If you don’t have the time or energy to create something that’s totally custom, we recommend just using a pink ribbon and a popular phrase like, “Breast Cancer Awareness,” “Never Give Up” or, “Think Pink.”

If you’d like our expert assistance in creating the perfect breast cancer awareness month shirt, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly designers and customer support agents are standing by and ready to help you get the right shirt, right when you need it. And if you’re ready to get started, first decide if you need same-day, rush or standard service, then head directly to our design studio.

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