September 8, 2021

There are a few things every birthday party needs. A cake. Enthusiastic attendees. A guest of honor. But one thing great parties have is a dedicated host who knows the value of custom birthday shirts. Emblazon the birthday boy or girl’s name across the front, remind your best friend that she’s only 29 for the fifth year in a row, or design a custom t-shirt that reminds your guests of everything that makes birthdays the best.

Matching birthday shirts are a fantastic way to make a party memorable. Keep track of your group easily, highlight the person you are celebrating, give all your guests a souvenir from the day. With professional quality, quick turn around times, and affordable bulk prices, matching birthday t-shirts are a simple way to elevate a birthday party and host an event people will be talking about years down the line.

Matching Birthday Shirts are Fun for ALL Ages

Custom birthday shirts are suitable for any age and all celebrations. Hand out personalized shirts at:

  • Kids’ birthday parties. Whether they’re running around your backyard or a dimly lit Chuck E. Cheese, kids can be hard to keep up with. Design a shirt for your kid and their friends that will help them stand out and make them feel like they’re part of a cool, exclusive group. The other parents will thank you for handing out cotton t-shirts instead of mountains of sugar.
  • Tween parties. Big group events without parents – laser tag, paintball, escape rooms, etc. – are always more fun with coordinated outfits. Design a black shirt to help your newest laser tag enthusiast blend in, or shirts with Rubik’s cubes to showcase the party’s problem-solving abilities.
  • Sweet Sixteen. If your teenager is anything like the ones we know, the Instagram shot is a crucial part of the festivities. Give them a cute look they can wear all day with matching custom birthday t-shirts. Great for school and the party after, our affordable bulk screen printed custom t-shirts allow your teen to celebrate their day, their way.
  • Backyard BBQs. Maybe the birthday boy is the grill master. Maybe he’s currently enjoying a beer in the shade. Whatever his role, he deserves a custom birthday t-shirt. Plus, matching t-shirts can reduce anxieties for other guests around dress code. Simple and practical, personalized t-shirts make a great addition to a casual backyard birthday party.
  • Girl’s Nights Out. Who wants to buy shots for the birthday girl? Better yet, who knows where to find the birthday girl? Birthday bar crawls can be hectic, and matching birthday shirts are a great way to keep the group together and (maybe) help score a few free drinks.
  • Big birthdays. I turned 60, and all I got was this t-shirt. Engage in a little lighthearted teasing or enthusiastically embrace big birthdays with individualized birthday t-shirts. Great for groups, everyone can get in on the fun of celebrating the birthday girl or boy.
Design Your Own Shirt Today

Custom Birthday Shirt Ideas

At Same Day Tees, we believe that custom birthday t-shirts are a great way to showcase everything that makes the birthday person special. Here a few custom birthday shirt ideas to help inspire you!

  • Kid’s birthday parties:
    • Birthday cake design with words “Happy Birthday (Name)”
    • Age represented in number of candles, cars, princesses, bugs, or whatever your child is into
  • Tween parties:
    • Themed t-shirts designs such Rubik’s cubes, keys to escape room, or Poke balls
    • Images of their favorite things, whether that’s boy bands or video games
  • Sweet Sixteen:
    • Happy birthday (Name)!
    • Design of car keys or driver’s license
  • 18th or 21st birthday:
    • Age in big numbers
    • List of things they can now legally do, such as vote or buy a lottery ticket
  • Backyard BBQs:
    • (Name’s) (age)th annual cookout!
    • Get off my lawn
    • Vintage
  • Girl’s Night Out:
    • If found, please return to (person or address)
    • Happy Birthday (Name)!
    • Birthday girl’s Venmo
  • Big birthdays
    • My midlife crisis shirt
    • The age in proud font – 40, 60, 95.
    • Happy Birthday (Name)!
    • (Name’s) (age)th Annual Birthday Bash

Order Custom Birthday Shirts with Same Day Tees

At Same Day Tees, we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times and exceptional quality. Even if your birthday is next week, it’s not too late to get custom birthday shirts for the whole crew. Design a personal, memorable custom birthday t-shirt today.

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