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November 19, 2019

Gift giving is hard in our modern, connected world. These days, it’s easy for people to online shop for instant gratification all year long.

So when it comes time to show people we care with a special present, it can be a challenge to come up with an idea that’s not something they already have or a silly thing that will just get thrown away or stuffed in the back of a closet.

The best way to avoid that trap is to opt for a customized gift. It shows you put thought, time and energy into getting a special gift made just for them.

Professional Gifts

Inside Jokes

Every good workplace runs on a steady stream of inside jokes. They keep people laughing and they’re great for team bonding. Custom t-shirts with reference to a funny inside joke is the prefect thing to get your best work friends or the team that works directly under you.

For example, if Pam from The Office wanted to do this, she might get everyone a shirt that said, “Dunder Miflin Olympic Games Champion” or “International Flonkerton Champion.”


If you work for a large company, giving different custom shirts to each department can be a great team-building gift. They could be straight forward or could include something funny or unique for each group. If you need ideas, ask each department head for ideas.

Sports Jerseys

It’s pretty standard and predictable to give away company shirts that are identical. So, why not go the extra mile and have each person’s shirt printed with their last name and a number? It’s a more thoughtful gift and it can also double as a uniform for team outings or sports teams in the future


Think outside the shirt. While t-shirts and sweatshirts are the most popular custom holiday gifts, they’re definitely not the only option. Your employees or work besties might appreciate a special, personalized bag instead. You can do an insulated lunch sack, computer bag or a gym duffel, all of which will come in handy.

Workout Wear

Speaking of the gym, you may want to consider choosing custom clothing gifts that are good for working out. This is especially appropriate if you’re one of the many workplaces that encourage their employees to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle.

Personal Gifts

Small Business Swag

It seems like people of all ages are becoming entrepreneurs at a much higher rate now than in the past. Some have started small businesses while others are working on “side hustles” in addition to their full-time jobs.

Whatever the case, these entrepreneurs often have a lot of passion for their businesses. As a friend or family member, you can show your support by gifting them custom t-shirts, hoodies and hats with their logo.

Christmas Morning Uniforms

Lots of families like to make a tradition of all wearing matching, comfy outfits on Christmas morning. Sure, you could just get matching pajamas from Target. Or you could make it a whole lot more special by getting each family member customized garments they will treasure and wear year after year.

Hobby Gear

Show your loved ones that you respect and admire their hobbies by gifting them customized items related to those hobbies. Is your husband a grill master? Get him a personalized apron. Is your sister-in-law a hiking fanatic? Give her a warm, zip-up fleece with her name on it.

Family Crest

Embrace your family pride this holiday season by giving the whole group a custom shirt with your family’s crest emblazoned on it. And if you don’t have a family crest that you know of, make one. It might even be more fun to create a unique design that encompasses the things that are special about your family.

Signature Slogans

In every family or friend group, there are those people who are known for their funny turns of phrase. Show that you love their little idiosyncrasies by gifting each person a special item with their own, personal slogan.

They say, in gift giving, that it’s the thought that counts. And we wholeheartedly agree.

Taking the time to create a custom holiday gift for your colleagues, employees, family or friends is the best way to show how much you care. All of the items mentioned here are available to be customized right here at Same Day Tees.

Start creating your custom gifts now or get in touch if you’d like a little professional guidance.

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