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February 26, 2020

There’s only one thing people love more than a customized t-shirt… and that’s a customized sweatshirt, hoodie or jacket. Believe us, we’ve been doing this for a while now and we know how much people love their personalized cold-weather gear.

Whether you add some special pieces to your own collection or gift them to friends, family or employees, you can rest assured that they will be some of the most treasured items you ever buy.

Keep reading for a few of our best ideas for custom hoodies and more…

1.  For People Who Hate the Cold

We live outside of Chicago, so we feel this one in our souls. Despite having lived in this tundra-like climate for decades, each winter is a shock. “Was it always this cold?” we ask ourselves. The only cure for this kind of thought is super comfy, warm gear that also puts a smile on your face because it was made just for you.

We’re big fans of hoodies with funny messages about the weather. If you know someone who has a yearly countdown to spring, then they’re guaranteed to adore a custom winter hoodie that lets their hatred of winter be known.

2.  For Matching Family Gear

Nothing says, “Family” like a set of matching hoodies or jackets. They’re perfect for winter vacations or any event with big crowds because they make it easier to keep track of each other. Personalize yours with a family crest, nicknames or favorite inside joke.

Not only will they be handy this winter, but they’ll become a special item that has lots of special memories attached in years to come.

3. For Work Teams That Need a Boost

Chances are your team already has several branded t-shirts with your company name. And in the winter, they just throw a plain sweatshirt on top. This year, why not surprise them with a branded hoodie or jacket?

February can be a pretty tough month for people who live in cold climates, so this would make for a nice pick-me-up surprise. And it will allow your team to rep your brand even when the weather is cold. Total win-win.

4.  For Your Squad

Are you really even a tight friend group if you don’t have matching hoodies or jackets? They really solidify your friendship and make you look super cool when you all go out together. Go jersey style with numbers and names on the back, a special quote or the year you all met.

5.  For Your Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Brides and grooms are always in search of bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts that their friends will actually like and use. So, you really can’t go wrong with a high-quality hoodie. Instead of putting your own names on it, we suggest making it something more general that they’ll want to wear again and again.

Consider making it part of a hangover package for the bachelorette/bachelor party weekend – add a bottle of Gatorade, pain reliever, a snack and anything else that could be handy when you’re not feeling 100%.

6.  For Sports Moms & Dads

It’s not always easy or comfortable to be a dedicated sports parent. Showing up at early games or sitting outside in the cold for hours isn’t fun, but supporting your kids is! So think about getting them special personalized hoodies or jackets that show what they’re about. They can be customized with something like, “Adam’s #1 Fans” or “Haley’s Fan Club” and worn for comfort and support for every game.

7.  For Twinning Couples

Couples who hoodie together stay together. If you’re looking for a unique gift for a couple’s wedding or engagement, think outside the registry and go with fun, custom apparel. Include their names and the day they met or a cool design that incorporates the outlines of the states they are from. Get creative to make the design truly special and personal.

You can never really have too many hoodies, fleeces or jackets that you love. So, when looking for an easy, affordable gift, always consider custom winter apparel that shows you care.

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