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March 2, 2020

Our favorite thing about St. Patrick’s Day is the fact that it’s a party for everyone, regardless of their actual heritage.

You definitely don’t need to be Irish to celebrate this fun holiday. But there should be one major requirement: an awesome, t-shirt that covers your “must wear green” base and makes people smile. No worries there, though – Same Day Tees has the luck of the Irish when it comes to custom St. Patrick’s Day shirts.

Check out a few ideas that will help you find your pot of gold.

Theme: Luck o’ The Irish

You can never go wrong with a shirt that sticks to the Irish theme. No matter what St. Patrick’s Day event you attend in the future, you’ll always have a classic standby shirt to wear. And these are proof that not all St. Patty’s Day shirts have to reference alcohol.

1.    This is My Lucky Green Shirt

2.    He/She Is The Lucky One

3.    I Beat Up a Leprechaun for This Shirt

4.    So Fresh & So Green

5.    Dublin Down

Theme: Adult Beverages

No point beating around the bush – most St. Patrick’s Day celebrations center around imbibing adult beverages. And while we don’t recommend doing so in excess, we fully support funny St. Patty’s shirts that reference the boozy side of the holiday. 

6.    You Can’t Drink All Day if You Don’t Start in The Morning

7.    Whiskey Business

8.    [Your Last Name]’s Irish Pub

9.    Drink Like a [Your Last Name Name]

10.    If Found, Please Return to [Name/Pub] 

Theme: Pub Crawl

One of the most popular St. Patty’s Day activities is the good old-fashioned pub crawl. After all, what’s better than getting together with your friends and touring your town’s best Irish drinking holes in the middle of the day? To make the event complete, we suggest springing for matching Saint Patrick’s Day pub crawl shirts. Not only will it be a fun memento, but it just may help your tipsy group stay together as the day goes on.

11.    Why Walk When You Can Crawl?

12.    Oh, The Places You’ll Crawl…

13.    So, This Irishman Walks Out of a Bar… no really, it can happen

14.    Let’s Get Ready to Stumble

15.    I Won’t Remember This Pub Crawl Tomorrow

16.    Shamrocks & Shenanigans & Leprechauns & Beer

Theme: Race

The more responsible celebrants of the Irish holiday may choose to participate in a race. Whether you’re doing it for charity or just as a way to justify all the green beer you’ll drink later, we think it’s worth getting a custom St. Patrick’s Day race shirt to mark the occasion.

17.    I Thought This Was a Pub Crawl

18.    Longest Beer Run Ever

19.    Will Run for Beer

20.    Kiss Me, I’m a Runner

21.    Irish I Was Faster

22.    Run Now, Shamrock Later

Theme: Kids

Granted, most St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts have a decidedly adult theme. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own age appropriate St. Patty’s day kids shirts so that your little ones can get in on the fun too.

23.    Who Needs Luck When You’re This Cute?

24.    Mom’s/Dad’s Lucky Charm

25.    The Leprechauns Made Me Do It

26.    A Wee Bit Irish

27.    Part Irish, All Trouble

No matter how you celebrate the holiday, Same Day Tees can help you create a fun, comfortable and festive custom St. Patrick’s Day shirt that captures the exact vibe you’re looking for.

Please feel free to take any of these ideas directly or adapt them to fit your needs and start your order today. And may the luck o’ the Irish be with you!

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