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Same Day Tees is your one-stop shop for all garment customization. In addition to our hallmark t-shirt printing services, we also offer custom, expert embroidery to lend your designs a touch of luxury and distinction.

It’s important to note that every single one of the services we offer is done here, in-house, by our own skilled team. Doing everything on-site gives us total control over the quality of the work as well as the project timeline. This way, we can absolutely guarantee flawless garments and timely turnarounds.

Embroidery is the perfect choice for any project that requires more high-end look for special presents, valued donors or corporate gifts. It can be applied to anything from polo shirts to hats to bags to towels. The beautiful, raised texture and intricate stitches truly make your logo or design come to life.

Because the process is more detailed, it takes more time to do right. So, please be sure to place your custom embroidery order at least three days before you require delivery.

Our Same Day Embroidery Service:

  1. We always start by reviewing your artwork to make sure that it will work well with the embroidery service you’ve chosen. 
  2. Next, your design will be translated into a digital sewing pattern.
  3. Before applying any embroidery to your actual items, we’ll do a sample sew-out to confirm that everything is perfect before moving forward.
  4. Here’s where the magic happens – your garments get secured in place and the design is embroidered onto each piece by our top-of-the-line, automated embroidery machines.  They will execute each stitch with precision and consistency across all the pieces in your order.
  5. Finally, any extra backing gets trimmed off, your garments are steamed, folded and packed up professionally according to size.

Would you like to learn more about custom same day embroidery services? Get in touch to speak with one of our garment customization experts and get the ball rolling.

The Same Day Tees staff is great to work with and they provide high quality products for any decorating requirement you may have.

Aaron Guisinger
Destination Athlete